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Copenhagen neighbourhoods: Christianshavn

Local students share their favourite spots in Copenhagen with the University Post, neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood

In a previously published guide to Copenhagen neighbourhoods we presented an overview of all the Copenhagen city areas.

Now we focus more on each of the local areas, and with more tips from the locals.

Technically, it is still a part of the inner city, but because it is surrounded by water, this part has gained its own personality. Christianshavn is probably most known for the so-called free town of Christiania. The former military grounds were overtaken by hippies in the 1970’s and turned into a town in the city with its own laws and regulations. Christiania is filled with self-made houses, creative workshops, concert halls, bars, and the famous Pusher Street, an open drug market for hash and weed.

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Half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets

Beside the free-town of Christiania, there is sightseeing such as the Church of Our Savior (Vor Frelser Kirke), famous for its tall and winding corkscrew spire. The external staircase can be climbed to the top, and offers one of the best overviews of the city.

The University Post spoke with one of the locals, 22 year old Rasmus Kidde, who studies sociology at the University of Copenhagen, and got him to share his thoughts on the neighbourhood.

”Christianshavn is probably most famous for the canals, the church, and of course Christiania, where all the tourists crowd to take pictures. Christianshavn has a very unique look with its old half-timbered houses and the cobblestone streets. All kinds of people live here. For example, at my favourite place, Eiffel Bar, you will find casual working class people drinking a beer or two after work, and in the evening it becomes a popular place for students, hipsters, and all kinds of people.”

What’s your local secret?

Are you a local and want to promote your favourite neighborhood spots? What makes your neighbourhood the best in the city? Send an email or comment below.

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