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Copenhagen neighbourhoods: Nørrebro

Local students share their favourite spots in Copenhagen with the University Post, neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood

In a previously published guide to Copenhagen neighbourhoods (with some of the interviews included here, but not all the pictures) we presented an overview of all the Copenhagen city areas.

Now we focus more on each of the local areas, and with more tips from the locals.

North of Frederiksberg lies Nørrebro. The neighbourhood lies around Nørrebrogade, a street famous for its broad biking lanes. This is one of the most multicultural parts of Copenhagen, known for Shawarma joints, halal butchers, and Middle Eastern grocery shops. It is also one of the younger areas, and inhabited by many students.

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Worn but beatiful

Before the recent gentrification, the neighbourhood was known as one of the more rough areas, especially in areas like Blågården, Mjølnerparken and Aldersrogade; however, recent development and cheap prices have made Nørrebro a popular place for new hip shops and businesses to open.

Local 24 year old English student, Anni, explains that areas like Sankt Hans Torv and Jægersborggade are becoming increasingly popular.

”Nørrebro is worn and covered in graffiti, but it is also very beautiful, for example the Assistens Cemetery. The street scene, shopwise, pretty much reflects the types who live here. Besides that, some of the most famous restaurants in Nørrebro are Kiin Kiin and Relæ, which both have a michelin star. Personally, it is difficult to pick my favorite place, but it is probably Rubæks Bøger, a small book store on Jægersborggade that also serves beer and coffee.”

This neighborhood has another UCPH campus, known as North Campus, which houses areas of the Health and Medical Sciences and of the Science Faculty.

What’s your local secret?

University Post reader Ashley says ‘that ‘ Kate’s Joint at Blågardsgade 12 has amazing vegetarian/vegan selections. Very student-friendly prices and great portions.”

Another reader, Nadia, says that Nørrebro Bryghus has ”amazing beer and great food”, and that Ahaa Arabiske Madhus is ”a good place for a cheap meal”.

Are you a local and want to promote your favourite neighbourhood spots? What makes your neighbourhood the best in the city? Send an email or comment below.

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