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Copenhagen neighbourhoods: Østerbro

Local students share their favourite spots in Copenhagen with the University Post, neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood

In a previously published guide to Copenhagen neighbourhoods (with some of the interviews included here, but not all the pictures) we presented an overview of all the Copenhagen city areas.

Now we focus more on each of the local areas.

Østerbro is on the east side of Copenhagen, bordering the sea. Compared to the rest of the Copenhagen neighbourhoods, Østerbro is generally very calm and peaceful, filled with green areas, nice well-preserved buildings. It is an affluent area, and very popular for families and older people, but there are younger people here too.

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Jazz bar Femmeren

Østerbro also has Parken, the Danish national football stadium, and the home of FC Copenhagen (FCK). Around the stadium is Fælledparken, a huge park which is used for recreational sports, barbecues, and parties.

Every 1 May it is filled with red flags celebrating the worker’s international day, and Copenhageners gather from all over to listen to political speeches, drink beer, and enjoy the spring weather.

At the eastern edge of Østerbro, close to the the North Campus, you can also find Rigshospitalet and the Niels Bohr Institute, home of the physical sciences at UCPH.

Here, you also find the little mermaid, a statue inspired by the tale of H.C. Andersen, and it is … little … indeed. Do not expect something in size of the Statue of Liberty. Well, don’t expect much of anything, really. However, beyond the little mermaid statue, Østerbro has much more to offer.

Marie, a 33 year old Film- and Media student, explains to the University Post ”There are some nice green areas. Østre Anlæg and Kastellet are nice places to go for a run, and it’s close to the water. At Svanemøllen, they have also made a new beach area. There is a very cool winter bathing club. Besides that, my favourite place is the cafe, Femmeren. They play jazz, and have quiz nights.”

What’s your local secret?

Are you a local and want to promote your favourite neighbourhood spots? What makes your neighbourhood the best in the city? Send an email or comment below.

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