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Copenhagen neighbourhoods: Vesterbro

Local students share their favourite spots in Copenhagen with the University Post, neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood

In a previously published guide to Copenhagen neighbourhoods (with some of the interviews included here, but not all the pictures) we presented an overview of all the Copenhagen city areas.

Now we focus more on each of the local areas, and with more tips from the locals.

Just east of Frederiksberg, or over the cyclist and pedestrian bridge at Islands Brygge, is the neighbourhood Vesterbro. This was once the red light district of Copenhagen, filled with prostitutes and drug dealers, but after a gentrification process, Vesterbro has become a popular place to live.

The most famous street, Istedgade, is still a very mixed place. At one end you will still find drug dealers, sex shops and prostitutes, but at the other end lies Enghave Park, which is cozy little park filled with couples, and families with young children.

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Beers, horses, and old-school cocktails

Vesterbro is the best place for hipsters. It is filled with second-hand stores, and small cafes and bars selling specialty beers and old-school cocktails. It is a place which seems to have an abundance of creative personalities in lumberjack shirts and big beards.

Christian Kronow, a 26 year old Danish student at the University of Copenhagen, shared his experience of Vesterbro with the University Post.

”Vesterbro is filled with fancy, latté drinking mothers at Enghave Plads. In the other end you have the hardened types at the Maria Church and the men’s home. Before the metro construction, Enghave Plads was one of my favourite sites. Also the area around Carlsberg is nice. There is the Carlsberg Museum in heart of it all. Here you can pat a horse, and drink a cheap beer, and at the same time get a shot of culture.”

What’s your local secret?

Are you a local and want to promote your favourite neighborhood spots? What makes your neighbourhood the best in the city? Send an email or comment below.

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