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Copenhagen one of the two R&D capitals of Europe

Scandinavia has the highest EU rate of international collaborations in patents, a Science article shows.

The Nordic region, with Copenhagen as a center, and Benelux are the European regions where scientists collaborate more outside the national borders. This according to an article published on Science earlier in February.

The work is signed by a group of Italian economists from the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies in Lucca.

To measure how European scientists collaborate they analyzed 2.5 million patent applications, studying the national and international connections between the authors.

Click here to read the article on Science.

A Union of islands

Every year, the European Union invests about 2% of its funds (7 Billion Euros in 2012) in research grants.

After a phase of growth between 1998 and 2002, in the last decade the number of international collaborations remained constant despite all the financial efforts.

With the exception of Scandinavia and Benelux, European nations risk to become research islands, where scientists collaborate and move within the country boundaries, but rarely across them.

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