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Copenhagen professor loses editor job after photo manipulation

Penkowa case continues to balloon out to the rest of the Copenhagen scientific community. Sports professor is forced to withdraw from scientific periodicals

In new fall-out from the Penkowa fraud case, University of Copenhagen sports physiology professor Bente Klarlund Pedersen has been asked to withdraw as editor from the advisory board of two international scientific publications ‘Journal of Physiology’ and ‘Experimental Physiology’, writes Danish tabloid B.T.

This is after she her self reported that photos in scientific articles were re-used from previous work. The scientific articles were co-authored with the fraud convicted Milena Penkowa.

»The periodicals asked me to withdraw as a result of the case,« Bente Klarlund Pedersen tells B.T.

More than 200 co-authored with Penkowa

»But it needs to be added that I requested the articles to be withdrawn myself, as I suspected that Milena Penkowa had manipulated the pictures. I therefore faced one year’s quarantine, where I could not publish articles in the publications«, she says.

In a related case, Klarlund Pedersen is accused by a former colleague of publishing dubious data from Milena Penkowa, and stealing other people’s research for grant applications. She denies the accusations.

»I only admit that it looks like there has been manipulation of the photos in the articles which I did with Milena Penkowa. But we are more than 200 people, who have done scientific articles with her,« says Bente Klarlund Pedersen.

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