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Copenhagen rain storm floods hit UCPH central campus

Damages so far assessed to be less than in the 2011 rain storm, according to campus sources

The weekend’s rain storms have flooded several University of Copenhagen buildings, with reports coming in of water in cellars in central campus and CSS.

100 millimeters of rain swamped central Copenhagen in the night between Saturday and Sunday. This withstanding, UCPH buildings on Central Campus are doing fairly well, according to campus service head Erwin Koster Kristensen.

There are issues at CSS, he says.

Less damage than in 2011

»We have water damages in nearly all the buildings at CSS. This means that in a short period of time we may have to shut down dissertation writing spaces and one classroom,” he says to the Danish-language university news site, which has more on this story.

All in all, first estimates are that there will be less damage than in 2011, which cost DKK 50m in damages.

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