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Copenhagen student Nikita now has 72,000 followers

She is a young conservative politician and a student of rhetoric at the University of Copenhagen. And she has grabbed the attention of Reddit - and Playboy

A posting on Reddit had linked to an article about her on the University Post. Within hours, the article about the beautiful University of Copenhagen student and politician Nikita Klæstrup had been upvoted to the front page of the social media site, effectively channeling more than a hundred thousand viewers in her direction.

Her following on Instagram had been boosted with 37,000 new followers overnight and it is still increasing rapidly, now at 72,000.

Playboy magazine displayed her online with the headline ‘This Beautiful Woman is a Danish Politician’ writing “She’s certainly earned our endorsement”. Nikita Klæstrup re-posted it on her own Instagram profile with the comment “Thanks for the endorsement @playboy! Tell Hef I love him”.

Flattered, but I am still the same

So how does it feel to be a global star?
“I think it is crazy actually!” Nikita Klæstrup responds to the University Post.

“I am flattered that I am getting so much attention, and it says a lot about how much social media can do nowadays.”

Has this changed the way you perceive yourself? Are you a model now, or just a politician?

“It hasn’t changed the way I look at myself. It is the whole persona. But there is no doubt that when I say things now [as a politician, ed.] , it gets more attention. What I say becomes more interesting because of the profile that I have. “

Dress mania

Nikita Klæstrup is now arguably one of the best known Danish policians abroad (sorry Helle Thorning-Schmidt!). But Nikita Klæstrup’s new global status comes after gaining fame at home.

Last time was the Young Conservatives’ 110 year anniversary, where Nikita’s dress was the centre of attention and the subject of the University Post’s last article on the issue. On the Danish TV programme Aftenshowet, the revealing dress was displayed on a mannequin in the background, while the hosts of radio channel P3 used the interview to only discuss Nikita’s looks.

In fact, she was only asked one single question about the party, according to Nikita. To make amends we will have a full interview with Nikita Klæstrup and her politics on the University Post soon. Watch this space!

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