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Copenhagen team out of law game

The host country's team will not be among the finalists for the prestigious international law negotiation game, the Copenhagen Competition

A legal team from the University of Copenhagen was not selected to be among the finalists for the Copenhagen Competition law contest in October. This is clear after the referees released results today Tuesday.

Read more about the law contest and Copenhagen’s team here.

The finalist teams are Australian National University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of California, Berkeley, Yale, National University of Singapore, University of the West Indies, Haramaya University and Gujarat National Law University, according to the Copenhagen Competition website.

The countries represented are thus Australia, Israel, the US with two teams, Singapore, Barbados, Ethiopia and India.

The Copenhagen team were obviously not happy with the results.

»We have just been told, and of course we are disappointed. I think there will be some comments from the referees released later, and we will of course look at these closely,« team member Annabella Stoica said to the University Post.

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