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Copenhagen's City Hall deal: 485 new rooms for youth and students

Copenhagen should be affordable for students, says mayor of Copenhagen. A majority in the city council has just agreed to invest 51 million kroner to create 485 new youth accomodations

A new agreement by parties in the Copenhagen City Hall will lead to the creation of approximately 485 small youth accommodations.

The agreement was reached Thursday and Friday between the Social Democrats, the Red-Green Alliance, the Social Liberal Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Danish People’s party. DKK 75 million will be allocated to the construction of public housing, of which 51 million will go to youth housing.

The youth accommodation will measure approximately 35 m2, however a portion of the estimated 485 accommodations will be created for young couples and measure up to 50 m2.

Should be room for everyone in Copenhagen

This creation of affordable accommodation in Copenhagen is a pressing matter. Finding affordable accommodation within Copenhagen is already a challenge for local students, and one that will become increasingly difficult as the city’s inner municipality area grows to an expected 100,000 residents in 2025.

“In London and Paris, it’s almost impossible for ordinary workers and students to live within the city. This should not happen in Copenhagen.” says mayor Frank Jensen. “We should have a city where there is room for everyone”.

Since 2011, Copenhagen Muncipality has invested in the creation of 2,755 public accommodations, of which 1,000 were youth housing. Jensen’s goal is the creation of 9,000 public accommodations by 2025. Jensen is confident that the post-crisis recovery period is the right time to invest in public housing, with lowered land and construction costs and construction jobs contributing back to the local economy.

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