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Copenhagen's KUA 3 to take a bite out of KUA 2 building

The new humanities buildings were officially opened only last year. But now a whole corner wall section is to be removed to make way for the new KUA3. This was always planned, says faculty

Staff and students at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (otherwise known under their Danish acronym TORS) may have to get used to the noise of heavy construction work.

They have just been informed that their section of the high-profile KUA2 Faculty of Humanities building is to be the object of yet another building project.

A corner of KUA2 is to be attached to the new, projected, KUA3 building, and this entails the removal of the entire wall surface of a corner that houses their department. The Faculty of Humanities has confirmed to the University Post that Tors will temporarily lose 16 work spaces.

Faculty: It was always the plan

Deputy head of the Dean’s Office Henrik Friis explains to the University Post that “it has to do with joining the construction of KUA2 and KUA3 in building 10”.

“The wall surface needs to be opened up, before KUA 3 is built, because KUA 3 as a building is structurally dependent on KUA 2,” he says, adding that “it has always been the plan, and the surface of the corner walls were always constructed with this in mind.”

According to Henrik Friis, the “whole process will take about six months, and we reckon on the project starting in one month or six weeks this autumn. The time schedule is under review. ”

Staff have just been given briefing

Sources had originally contacted the University Post voicing concern about the noise.

“The most noisy work is supposed to take place after ordinary work hours in order not to affect the student facilities and the library,” Henrik Friis says to the University Post.

“The noise will be an issue, of course, and remember KUA has been a construction site for quite some time now. The work will be comprehensive,” he says. Head of the department at TORs Ingolf Thuesen has just briefed staff.

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