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Copenhagen’s Olympics hope makes Danish finals

International student Anneka Hastings is one step closer to making it to the London Olympics

Scottish international student Anneka Hastings will now be playing in the Danish volleyball finals. This is clear after her team Holte beat Fortuna Odense Tuesday. In the finals this April, Holte will face Brøndby.

With her 20 hour-a-week training and Olympic ambitions, Anneka has gained a following of fans among the community of international students at the University of Copenhagen.

Anneka is fighting to regain her top fitness after a knee injury in time for the tryouts for the British Olympic team. And the chance to fight for the gold in the Volleyball finals is the best thing that could happen.

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At top of Danish Volleyball

»It is a fantastic feeling because we beat out the team whom we’ve been against every cup and league final for the last three years«, she says.

Beside an intensive training regimen Anneka is a student of Human Biology at the University of Copenhagen.

Anneka hopes to try out for a position in Britain’s Olympic team. However, a recent knee injury may prove to be a setback for her as she is still not fully fit to perform.

See a gallery from one of her recent competitions here.

Not very hopeful

A knee ligament injury on court last year had otherwise put her on the bench for a long period of time. Her type of injury is expected to heal within one year but it is difficult to regain complete physical ability in that time. However, with physiotherapy, Anneka expects to be at the peak of her atheletic performance within one more year. This fits into her Olympics 2012 target.

While she is able to play on her team, she is cautious about exerting herself and doesn’t want to aggravate the injury. She admits that the chances of her making it through the Olympic selections this year seem quite bleak. But there is another chance.

»There are selections for the actual Olympic team next May as well. I’m lucky that the injury happened in enough time for me to be fit for the Olympic tryouts next year«, she explains.

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