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Creative Saviours

University of Copenhagen professor, Katherine Richardson, Neri Oxman and Jacque Fresco are among those present when the best idea to save the world is celebrated this Saturday

As well as proposals for sound effects for electric cars, the day is kicked off with a 10:30 reading from Neri Oxman, the creator of ‘materialecology’, who combines design and nature.

At 14:00, Jacque Fresco is hosting a lecture on The Venus Project, a proposal to build a conscientious, resource-based society. Fresco is the man behind cult internet-film ‘Zeitgeist’.

The COP Kreativ 2009 award for »the best idea to save the world« is handed out at 20:00 and the participants are students from 12 creative schools of architecture, design, music, art and acting.

After that, a party (featuring music from Je M’apelle Mads, Non+ and The Wong Boys) kicks off and does not finish until the early hours.

The events take place at Arkitektskolen Holmen (click for map).