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Crisis averted: Cordons lifted on Amager

Residents near Kløvermarken, Amager can breathe a sigh of relief as toxic fumes caused by a chemical spill no longer pose a threat

The chemical spill from a pharmaceutical company’s tank has been taken care of by the Copenhagen police and fire brigade. So reports the Danish news media

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At 6 o’clock in the morning Tuesday 26 June a tank filled with 4.000 litres of boiling nitric acid created toxic fumes over Amager, especially in the area near Kløvermarken. The poisonous yellow gas that has forced authorities to keep residents indoors all morning has now dispersed.

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»Now it is just the area around the pharmaceutical company, that is still off limits for the public,« says police spokesman, James Keiwe, to Ritzau, reported by

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