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Crisis? Not in boom city Copenhagen

The Copenhagen region continues to out-perform the rest of the country, and now also wealthy Switzerland

New Statistics Denmark figures show that residents of the capital of this country are far more prosperous than the rest of the country, writes and

The average per capita income in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, is DKK 460,000, 43 per cent above the average for the country as a whole. And despite five years of crisis, prosperity in the capital has increased by so much that it now outstrips affluent Switzerland.

Senior Danske Bank economist Steen Bocian said the picture of a struggling economy doesn’t apply to Copenhagen where economic growth is actually so high that it could be termed an upswing.

More exports, research

»Copenhagen has outstripped the rest of the country by far during the crisis years,« he says, adding that »prosperity is now higher than when the crisis hit and, measured per resident, is only 2.7 per cent below the 2007 level.«

Social researcher Ulf Hjelmar of the National Insitute for Local Authorities and Regions Research (KORA in Danish) said the capital’s lead can be attributed to a number of reasons: The rate of employment is higher than the rest of the country and there’s significantly more exports, research, high technology, skilled labour, and population growth.

See article here (in Danish).

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