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Crowds expected at mayors bash

A welcoming reception with the mayor has turned into something more like a rock festival

Is it the pancakes, or the Lord Mayor? As of now there are 1200 people signed up, and the University Post called up the mayors office to find out why: We still don’t have the answer.

Copenhagen Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard will be holding a welcome reception for internationals on 28 September, but good luck getting in if you haven’t signed up yet.

According to the Lord Mayor’s press secretary Lise Krogsgaard, an incredible 1200 people have already signed up for the event, which offers free pancakes, the opportunity to meet the Lord Mayor, and a talk by Claus Steiner, the General Manager for Copenhagen Hilton.

»People were really happy about the arrangement and they thought it was a grand gesture,« says Lise Krogsgaard, press secretary to the Lord Mayor.

Word of mouth

»The word about this party has just spread around the community,« she says.

Last year was already a success, with ‘only’ about 400 people participating. This year, advertisements were posted at the University and other educational institutions in Copenhagen and at places with a large international workforce.

»People feel really welcome when they are invited to City Hall. That’s something really special,« Lise Krogsgaard says.

Waiting list

When entering the reception’s sign up website, a greeting tells potential participants that ‘If you are interested in participating please fill in the form below and you will be placed on a waiting list for the reception.’

Krogsgaard says that those on the waiting list will be invited to a second reception in the future. Participants’ names, e-mail addresses, and nationalities will also be stored in a database for future events.


Is it the pancakes? The inside-look at city hall? The opportunity to meet Lord Mayor Bjerregaard?

We’re not sure, but see after the event for photos and more on why so many newcomers to Copenhagen decided to attend.

To be placed on the waiting list click here.