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Cutbacks at Copenhagen Business School trigger international protest

Worries about cuts at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy cause international critique of CBS’ priorities

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) might soon lose some of its otherwise excellent reputation. Cutbacks at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy might affect its educational programmes, which has caused international critique.

Three internationally renowned US professors told the Financial Times they were worried about the cuts impact on “the most important programme anywhere in the world that focuses on the integration of the humanities and business education”.

As a result of last years reforms of the Danish higher education sector, CBS has to save approximately 60 million Danish crowns until 2017. Departments with a focus on research, rather than teaching, will be affected most.

International support through online petition

With little research funding, the University is dependent on public subsidies linked to the education of students. As a result, the University leadership has to increase the amount of students taught per person employed.

Students and faculty are concerned about the consequences of the cutbacks.

“CBS is the poorest University in Denmark and receiving less funds for research than the others. We’re very worried that the quality of research-led teaching will be affected if the University has to continue improving efficiency,” says Daniel Andersen, president of the student organisation CBS students to the University Post.

Academic employees at Copenhagen Business School have started an online petition to lobby the University’s leadership and politicians to rethink their strategy, and around 900 people have supported their cause so far.

See the report in the Financial Times.

See also a summary of the international reactions to the cuts in CBS observer here (in Danish.

See more info and link to the petition in the fact box upper right.

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