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Dad of Penkowa’s student victim speaks up

Father of Penkowa's former student assistant Kristian Kolind has now come forward with a sharp indictment of management in national daily Politiken. The University of Copenhagen has lost all decency, he writes in an op-ed

The father of Milena Penkowa’s former student assistant has now entered the debate over the University’s report by legal advisor Kammeradvokaten. In an op-ed in the Danish daily Politiken Sunday, he questions its impartiality.

»As a parent to the student that Milena Penkowa accused of embezzlement, I ask myself – once again – what’s really going on here?,« student assistant Kristian Kolind’s father, Thorben Hansen, writes.

Fraud-charged brain scientist Milena Penkowa had tried to frame Kristian Kolind. According to Thorben Hansen, it is dubious that the University has cleared itself of charges of »nepotism, illegal activities and other betrayals that should have resulted in dismissals or other sanctions,« in the report.

Rector apologised recently for the University’s treatment of the student.

Hopes Minister of Science will restore trust

»The University’s entire handling of the case leaves me with the feeling that management has no decency left,« he writes.

»The board and management appear unrealiable…It is hard to convince both my son and other students that decency has once again become a priority for University management,« he writes.

He puts his hopes in Minister of Science Charlotte Sahl-Madsen.

»It is my hope that the Minister of Science will practice what she preaches, so that we can restore a university with a board and management which we can trust,« Thorben Hansen writes.

Read Thorben Hansen’s Op-Ed here (in Danish)

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