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Danish culture decoded 2 - New videos

Blogger and traveller Alex Berger, a former UCPH student, holds court with a new round of entertaining videos. Danish culture decoded by an American

Denmark has one of the most analysed cultures on Earth. A flurry of publications have appeared in recent years with new interpretations on the back of Denmark in 2012 somehow managing to score as number one in the UN’s world’s happiness report.

Judged by the content of the University Post’s own readers and writers, Danes can be tolerant or racist – unfriendly or friendly, indeed they fit most stereotypes.

But it is the details that matter, and University of Copenhagen graduate, expat in Copenhagen, and travel writer Alex Berger, whose video blogs are oriented specifically towards students, is all about the details. He has now extended his ‘Denmark 101’ video series to introduce new themes to make up a total of 22 episodes at last count.

He has spent nearly four years living, studying, and working among the Danes, so he can bring his unique American perspective to bear on the Danes and how to interact with them.

The latest in the series include Dating Danish women:

[video: width:532 height:424 align:center]

His take on university drinking culture:
[video: width:532 height:424 align:center]

And university sports. Did you know that many European universities do not have a dedicated athletics department? Coming from the US, it is shocking that universities don’t more actively promote sports:

[video: width:532 height:424 align:center]

These are all serious topics.

But Alex, an American from Phoenix, Arizona, is not afraid to lambast things like the Danish culture of eating a hamburger with a knife and fork. Here he launches into a 2 minute 36 second rant about it:

[video: width:532 height:424 align:center]

From this link you can get into the whole series on YouTube.

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