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Danish left wing: DKK 15,000 a month for students

Everyone dependent upon the state for an income – students, social benefits recipients, pensioners – should be given a flat rate of DKK 15,000 per month

The leftist Red/Green Alliance, the Enhedslisten party, now proposes a monthly cheque of DKK 15,000 to all Danish students, and indeed everyone who is dependent upon state support, writes and

A spokesman for the far-left party said it’s ‘incredibly important’ for society that every single citizen should be able to put food on the table, even students living at home with their parents who today are eligible for no more than DKK 2,815 per month.

»Whether you live at home or not, nobody should be reliant on other people for an income,« said the spokesman. »It’s a shame for students that they have to take out loans that leave them in debt for the rest of their lives.«

SF: Would reduce incentives

The DKK 15,000 a month stipend would cost the state DKK35bn annually, according to calculations from the think-tank, Kraka.

The Red/Green Alliance’s closest political ally, the Socialist People’s Party (SF), has already rejected the proposal, which could create problems later this year in budget negotiations for 2013.

»Denmark is facing massive economic problems and deficits as far as the eye can see,« said SF policy spokesman Jesper Petersen. »This would seriously reduce the incentive for people to find work. We need to create more employment and investment, not dish out more money to students.«

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