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Danish newspapers republish Charlie Hedbo illustrations

DANISH NEWS: Berlingske, Politiken, and Information express solidarity with French magazine after terrorist attack in Paris

Danish newspapers have chosen to support the French magazine Charlie Hebdo Thursday by republishing some of the most controversial caricatures, reports . This is after gunmen attacked the Paris office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 people and injuring seven in an apparent Islamist attack.

Lisbeth Knudsen, Managing Editor of Berlingske, which leads with a number of front pages from Charlie Hebdo, said her paper will never bow down to attacks on freedom of the press.

“As soon as we did that the assassins have won. We shall continue to print critical debates and satire regarding religious issues, whether it’s Christianity or Islam. Freedom of expression overrules everything.”

‘We are all Charlie Hebdo’

Politiken’s editor in chief Bo Lidegaard said it’s ‘completely natural’ when reporting the events in Paris to reprint the illustrations that were Charlie Hebdo’s trademark: “This was an attack on the values our society is based on, including the freedom to express one’s self,” he said.

Left wing-daily Information leads with the headline: ‘Nous Sommes Charlie Hebdo’ (We are all Charlie Hebdo) and writes: “The perpetrators and whatever they claim to be fighting for have already given themselves a power they have no right to.

They have left 12 families in a state of loss and grief and a France gripped by fear….we must not be dominated by the fear and anxiety that terrorists want to impose on us so Charlie Hebdo’s right to freedom of speech is a battle that involves us all. We have to stand together on values such as freedom of expression and tolerance.”

See article in Danish here.

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