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Danish politicians: Trump presidency a ‘frightening prospect’

DANISH NEWS - Leading politicians express concerns about Trump, including his foreign policy and admiration for Vladimir Putin

The prospect of Donald Trump becoming the next US president is ‘frightening’, leading Danish politicians told the left-wing daily newspaper Information, writes

The Danish People’s Party’s foreign affairs spokesman, Søren Espersen, said it’s ‘ridiculous’ that a man who’s said all Muslims should be denied entry to the USA has a chance of winning the White House, while ex-foreign minister Holger K. Nielsen dismissed the billionaire as a ‘rabid populist’.

“If he becomes president it would be a catastrophe. He’s an avowed admirer of Vladimir Putin and it would be a disaster for international politics if Trump gets anywhere near the nuclear button,” Mr Nielsen said.

Anybody but Trump

Another former foreign minister, the Social Liberals’ Martin Lidegaard who six months ago wrote off Mr Trump’s chances of becoming president, now says he isn’t so sure. He said:

“In the world we live in right now we need prudency and leaders with an international outlook. Trump isn’t a bridge builder, he’s a divider.”

The ruling Liberals’ foreign affairs spokesman, Michael Aastrup Jensen, expressed hope for ‘anybody but Trump’: “It’s frightening to see him ahead in the polls. His foreign policy proposals have no semblance of reality.”

The far-left Red/Greens’ foreign affairs spokesman, Nikolaj Villumsen, dismissed Trump as ‘dangerous’. “His policies will lead to more misguided wars and even more instability and chaos,” he said.

Read the article on the Danish news site here

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