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Danish Prime Minister: My husband isn’t gay

Former personal accountant is the centre of allegations that the Danish Prime Minister attempted to avoid taxes

Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt spent the weekend rejecting claims that her husband, Stephen Kinnock, is a homosexual, reports and Danish media.

The Danish daily newspaper Politiken has revealed that during an investigation of Mr Kinnock’s tax returns, the tax authorities had cited the couple’s personal accountant, Frode Holm for a claim that his client ‘was a bisexual or homosexual’.

The PM says that »it’s not true and never will be. These rumours have been difficult for us, and especially our children. Although I’m not obliged to comment I’d like to say that just because unsubstantiated allegations are repeated it doesn’t make them true.«

Tax commission to investigate

The latest allegation surfaced after the PM and her husband chose to reveal the tax authority’s 9-page ruling concerning her husband residency status in Denmark.

The issue created a furore during last year’s election campaign and led to claims of political intervention by the tax authorities.

The tax department ruled in 2010 that Mr Kinnock, who works and resides in Switzerland, isn’t liable to tax in this country, a ruling that was illegally leaked to the press during last year’s election campaign and led to the formation of a Tax Commission to investigate the affair, which gets under way this week.

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