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Danish researchers top list for private funding

From the ivory tower to the real world - Danish universities make top 10 list in ability to secure private funds

Life changing Danish technological innovations like the fiberscope or the ostomy bag cannot be created on bright minds alone – they often rely on large-scale investments from private industries.

It has been said that the ability to move these ideas and innovations from the laboratory into the outside world is one of the most important functions of a modern university, and this merging of industry and institution puts researchers and universities in fierce competition for private investments.

A new report from Times Higher Education concludes that Denmark ranks 9th in the world for the ability to secure these funds.

Asia takes the lead

On average, a Danish researcher secures about DKK 244.000 annually for a Danish university.

Only four European countries made it on the top 10 list – Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands and Belgium – which was heavily ruled by Asian tiger economies such as Singapore, Taiwan, China and India.

Resting on the top of the list is South Korea, where private industry contributes more than DKK 548.000 on average per year per researcher.

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