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Danish site launches new UCPH bulletin board

Danish-language news site now has a place to buy, sell, exchange and find things

In need of a used bike or trying to get rid of one? Desperately searching for a place to live or a new roommate? Or maybe looking for a new guitarist, a research partner, or a student job?

Danish-language university news site now has a new bulletin board for students and staff and the University of Copenhagen (UCPH). It is free of charge.

How to post an ad

You don’t have to be logged in to see the bulletin board, but you have to log in to see contact information and post an ad yourself. You can log in with your Facebook profile. Don’t worry, your profile will be used just to log in so you won’t get any posts on Facebook. is presently trying to make it possible to log on with a KU login. Be patient.

To create a new ad, click on ‘Nyt opslag/New post’ and fill out the boxes. You can upload up to five pictures for every post.

Make your physical ad digital

If you have an ad on an actual bulletin board on one of the campuses, you can easily transform it into a digital one.

Just take a picture of it with your mobile phone and upload it while creating a new digital post.

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