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Danish students are spoilt

With more government grants and higher incomes, Danish students have some of the most affordable universities, shows study

Your Danish classmate may complain about the cost of his latte, but when push comes to shove, money isn’t really an issue for him, especially when it comes to paying for school.

A new study conducted by Canadian researchers, cited in University World News, found that Denmark ranked fourth in affordability of higher education behind Finland, Norway and Germany, respectively.

»Norway, the Netherlands and above all Finland are models for the international community when it comes to accessibility and affordability. All have high rates of access, high attainment rates, extensive programmes of both loans and grants, and student bodies that are reasonably reflective of broader society,« the study says.

Danes are sitting pretty

Of the top ranking affordable countries, Danish households are the most able to pay, with a median household income of about DKK 122,307. Finland’s median household income is about DKK 112,071, even though it ranks first in college affordability.

Another factor that makes Danish education more affordable is the grants and government aid available. If the Danish government didn’t offer the grants, Denmark would be the third most expensive country to get a higher education.

A dose of perspective

Of the 13 countries surveyed, the ones that offer the most expensive education are Canada, New Zealand, England and Wales, the United States and Australia.

But not even the Australians or Americans, who pay the most for their universities, can complain about the cost of education in comparison to Latin American countries, according to the study.

Universities in these countries are both difficult to afford and difficult to access. Students also receive considerably low amounts of aid, compared to European and English-speaking universities.

Click here to read the study.

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