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Danish students demand more welfare

Thousands prepare for massive demonstration today Tuesday

Danish students and youth in fear of losing their government grants have hit the streets of Copenhagen today, demanding that the government not drop cuts to youth welfare.

Organisers expect approximately 10,000 students and youth of all ages will participate in the demonstration, organized by the Unge Ta’r Ansvar (roughly translated, Youth Taking Responsibility) initiative. The demonstration begins at 16:00 today in front of Town Hall with a speech by Unge Ta’r Ansvar spokesperson, Frederik Gjørup Nielsen.

The demonstration will move through the city at about 16:30 towards Christiansborg Slotsplads, moving through Vester Voldgade, then Stormgade, then Vindebrogade and finally Christiansborg Slotsplads.

Lining up priorities

The students are concerned that the Danish government is trying to move students too quickly through their studies, without consideration of the financial strain this puts them through. Organisers say that more than 8,500 students do not have internships, and that the government should offer more apprenticeships, jobs and internships.

»We are expected to ensure the wellbeing of the Danish state in the future, but there is a big difference between the expectations for us and the policy is being led,« reads a press release sent by Unge Ta’r Ansvar.

After marching to Christiansborg Slotsplads, there will be two more speeches from Mikkel Zeuthen, Chairman of Danish Students and Morten Skov, youth consultant in Landsorganisationen, the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions. Speeches will start at 17:05 and commence at about 18:00. Throughout the day, DJs will be playing music.