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Danish students score a million on TV game show

Two Danish humanities students gambled their way to a cool million in Monday night's edition of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'

Two sharp dudes from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Copenhagen got a nice addition to their student income Monday night. Jon and Lars-Ole, who both studied at the south campus, KUA used to host the quizshow Mødestedet [The Meeting Place, ed.] there.

»Of course: Now the sports question,« said Lars-Ole, as the host Hans Pilgaard delivered the DKK million question:

»At which of the following Olympics did Denmark win the most gold medals – A. Atlanta 1996, B. Sydney 2000, C. Athens 2004 or D. Beijing 2008?«

Brain dead gambling

Jon and Lars-Ole had waltzed through their multiple-choice questions, then, as they wonder about this, the one million kroner question, they free associated from World War II, to romances of the Danish monarchy, and music.

»Shall we just take the damn money and run?« Lars-Ole asked his partner-in-crime.

»I’m willing to gamble if you are,« said Jon, and added: »It’s totally brain dead to do this, but then again, we don’t have any money as it is now – let’s do it!«

Winners are a rare breed

Rock’n’roll, said Lars-Ole, and so it was: After having excluded C and D as options, the boys chose to gamble. As Lars-Ole said: It’s not called ‘Who Wants To Win 50.000’ – that would be an awful programme.

»Denmark received the most gold-medals in Atlanta,« the guys said with a grin.

It is only the seventh time in the programme’s long history that anyone has won the full million.

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