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Danish universities to strengthen ties with Asia and Africa

New scholarship programme aims to attract the best students from Asia and Africa to Danish universities

When the next semester starts in September, the student body will likely see an increase in Asian and African students. As of 2013, students from Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Nepal are offered the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, which would enable them to study for 60 ECTS points in a one- or two-year programme.

The scholarships include a spot in a program, accommodation and a stipend to cover basic living costs and targets students and faculty, with a Bachelor degree or more, whom are among the top of their peers.

The scholarship program has DKK 20 million in funds, and will be awarded to approximately 20 students.

Benefits for all

The programme, which is part of the initiative ‘Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries’ (BSU) is intended to provide students with insight into the Danish teaching and learning approaches.

“Studying in Denmark gives students broad knowledge, which they take back home and use as a reference and as inspiration in their work. Together with the other activities in BSU, this scholarship program will foster a partnership with universities in Asia and Africa. The universities will attract, retain and educate employees more effectively, and students’ experiences and international networks will benefit universities” says Jens Oddershede, rector and spokesperson for Universities Denmark.

Although the scholarship program is intended to enhance students’ educational experience in partner countries, it will also benefit Danish students and industry by providing them with a pool of bright internationals, which is why the program is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Courting emerging economies

“BSU Scholarship will strengthen international students, but it is also an important step in improving Danish students’ cultural understanding of Asian and African countries, which are experiencing massive growth today”, says Jens Oddershede.

The idea is that when the Danish students meet young people from Asia and Africa, and experience the world from a new perspective, they develop necessary skills to work in an international setting in today’s increasingly globalized world.

The Danish government is working strategically on internationalizing Danish students in order to access growing economies in Africa and Asia.

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