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Deal struck on SU study grants, EU ruling

Government makes bargain with opposition parties to ensure DKK 2.2 billion cuts. Recognises EU court ruling that allows non-Danes to receive SU benefits - will keep track of costs

A DKK 2.2 billion cut to the Danish study grant and loan system SU will now take place. At the same time, the Danish government and opposition will recognise an EU ruling that allows employed non-Danes to receive the generous grants.

This is clear from the text that has come out of bargaining that was closed last night.

See if you are eligible to receive SU here.

For Danes, the biggest change to the SU system will be less SU to those that stay at home with parents, and that faster students are rewarded.

Free up ressources

The agreement is between the government parties, the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, Danish People’s Party and Liberal Alliance.

Minister of Education Morten Østergaard is happy with the result.

»I am happy that we have managed to free up ressources to create growth and employment,« he said to Berlingske Nyhedsbureau.

10-12 hour work week = rights to SU

A recent EU court ruling upholds the rights of EU citizens to receive SU benefits if they at the same time have status as employable.

The government and opposition state that Danish practice as it is now is that an employee is someone who works at least 10-12 hours a week. In the agreement they recognise the ruling for non-Danes, but will ‘sharpen administrative practices’, they say.

“The parties agree that as a consequence of the ruling, a sharper administrative practice will be introduced to avoid abuse. An administration will be established, whereby each month, input from the e-income register automatically makes sure that EU and EEA citizens that receive SU with reference to their status as employees, are still actually employees in Denmark. This means that income must be consistent with the student being employed at least 10-12 hours a week. For those persons whose income cannot be seen on the e-income register, a special controlling process will be instituted”.

See if you are eligible to receive SU here.

See the link to the agreement (in Danish) here.

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