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Debate on Ukraine and European foreign policy on Monday

International experts on foreign policy will discuss the European Union's response to recent events in Ukraine

The response of Western nations, and of the European Union in particular, to the recent crisis in Ukraine has been widely criticised.

A panel debate to be held at the University of Copenhagen on Monday 10 March, is planning to take the discussion of these issues further.

Taking as its starting point the ‘Foreign Policy Scorecard 2013’, a report assessing the performance of the European Union member states on a range of foreign policy topics, a panel of experts will discuss what the EU has done so far, and how the EU should react to developments in Ukraine.

High-profile speakers

Among the speakers are Kadri Liik, Head of Wider Europe at the European Council of Foreign Relations, Hanne Severinsen, former Member of Parliament and expert on Ukraine, and Michael Ehrenreich, Director of the Danish Foreign Policy Society.

The debate will be moderated by Lykke Friis, Prorector for Education at UCPH.

The event is organised by the Danish Foreign Policy Society, the European Council of Foreign Relations, and International Debat, a student organisation at the Institute for Political Science.

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