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Degrees fail to meet labour market’s needs

Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth urges European universities to better adapt degrees to the requirements of business

Academic programmes at European universities are poorly adapted to the needs of the labour market.

This is according to the European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, who spoke to delegates at the ‘Knowledge Triangle’ conference, in Gothenburg, Sweden, writes news website

The gap between the demand for certain skills and competences, and the lesser need for those holding academic degrees, ought to be addressed, he insisted.

Universities must inform about employability

The European Commission encourages universities to improve the information given to prospective students about the employability of the degrees offered. This will enable them to make better choices, commissioner Ján Figel says.

The Commission’s »new skills for new jobs« initiative addresses this issue in more detail.

Figel said the Commission’s initiative to modernise European universities is still a high priority. This is alongside a primary goal of making a greater proportion of Europe’s young people take part in higher education.