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Denmark copies Sweden – controls on southern border

DANISH NEWS - Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen warns that Sweden’s controls could have a domino effect

Just hours after Sweden imposed controls on travellers arriving from Denmark, Monday, the Danish government, fearing an influx of refugees, responded by introducing temporary controls at the country’s southern border with Germany, writes and other media.

At a lunch-time press conference Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen warned Sweden’s controls could have a domino effect on Denmark, which received just 18,000 asylum requests in 2015 compared to Sweden’s estimated 160,000. He told reporters:

“The new Swedish requirement for ID checks poses a serious risk of a large number of illegal arrivals in and around Copenhagen, which could pose a danger to public order and safety. In this regard, we see ourselves forced to introduce temporary controls at the border with Germany and if the European Union can’t protect the external borders, more and more countries will be forced to do the same. This is something we need to take very seriously, because it will have a negative impact on prosperity. I’m a true believer of the freedom of movement so this is not a happy moment at all”

Border controls are due to last for 10 days but are a subject to possible extension.

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