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Denmark is the `most climate-friendly´

Green organisations at COP 18 recognize Denmark as the best nation to pursue environmental friendly policies

Denmark was acknowledged as the most climate-friendly country in the world by green organisations at the COP18 conference in Doha, Monday, reports

Denmark is just ahead of No.2 Sweden, and Portugal in 3rd place. Saudi-Arabia, Iran and Kazakhstan are at the bottom of the list, while Canada is, surprisingly, fourth from last.

The Climate Change Performance Index, aimed at enhancing transparency of national and international efforts to avoid dangerous climate change, shows that Denmark ranks as the best country in the world when it comes to policies aimed at mitigating climate change and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Happy climate minister

According to the ‘State of Green’ organisation, Denmark’s top-spot is due to the energy agreement that the Danish parliament signed in March this year – ‘the broadest and most ambitious Danish energy agreement to date’.

Key initiatives in the energy agreement are a 34 pct. reduction of CO2, 50 pct. of electricity covered by wind power and a 12 pct. reduction in energy consumption by the year 2020.

Denmark’s Climate Minister, Martin Lidegaard, welcomed Denmark’s acknowledgment as a world leader when it comes to the transition towards a greener society, he said:

Denmark isn’t finished yet

»We’ve shown that it’s possible to be a climate-friendly society while at the same time stimulating the industrial sector and increasing living standards. I’m proud we’re a leading country and I feel certain that we can make a change in the world by setting a good example«, says Lidegaard

The index awards Denmark 72 points out of a 100, which according to Mr Lidegaard means there’s still room for improvement.

»In a few months we will be ready with a climate plan which will show how to reduce emissions from transport, farming and buildings, and this will be followed up by more climate legislation. So we are not nearly finished yet.«

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