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Denmark no.2 on world IT list

DANISH NEWS - Denmark ranks just below South Korea on the list of most developed information societies

Denmark is the second-most developed information society in the world, a new UN study shows. This is according to

The annual Measuring the Information Society Report by the Geneva-based International Telecommunication Union (ITU) ranks Denmark just below South Korea but slightly ahead of Iceland, Sweden and the UK. China is no.82 and India 131.

According to the ITU, the report presents a ‘global overview of the latest developments in information and communication technologies (ICTs), based on internationally comparable data and agreed methodologies’ but shows some noteworthy differences between Denmark and South Korea.

From the Measuring the Information Society Report:

‘Denmark has higher levels of performance in three of the five access indicators, falling behind only in the proportion of households with Internet access (although it has significantly more households with a computer) and in fixed-telephone subscriptions (which have fallen from 47.1 to 33.3 per 100 inhabitants between IDI 2010 and IDI 2015). The principal area of improvement in Denmark’s performance since 2010 has been in mobile broadband penetration, which has risen from 63.9 to 115.8 per 100 people during the period, catching up with and slightly overtaking the Republic of Korea’s performance.

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