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Denmark rated 5th most expensive in the world

Living costs in Denmark and Copenhagen are on par with New York City, according to a recent crowdsourced poll

Rent may be cheaper in Copenhagen than in New York City, but comparable restaurant meals, taxi fare, clothing, and cars are far more expensive. This is according to a cost of living index from Numeo, a website that crowd sources the prices of consumer goods across the globe, writes our Danish media partner

Indices on this website are relative to New York City, which scores 100% on each index. According to Numeo, you would need around US 6,844 (DKK 44,820) in New York, NY to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with DKK 34,000 in Copenhagen (assuming you rent in both cities).

The consumer price index, which includes groceries, restaurants, transportation, and utilities is 100.6 in Denmark, in line with New York, and only slightly lower than Iceland, Venezuela, Norway, and Switzerland, who rank in the top 4 for most expensive. Below are the 15 countries with the highest costs of living, according to Numbeo’s data.

Switzerland- 126.03
Norway- 118.59
Venezuela – 111.01
Iceland- 102.14
Denmark- 100.60
Australia- 99.32
New Zealand- 93.71
Singapore- 93.61
Kuwait- 92.97
United Kingdom- 92.19
Ireland- 92.09
Luxembourg- 91.78
Finland- 89.68
France- 88.37
Belgium- 87.22

See the Numbeo cost of living rankings for 2015 here, and Movehub’s infographic representing these living costs around the world.

The infographic with the living costs is also below:

Global Living Costs Map

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