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Denmark runner-up in EU innovation race

The 2011 Innovation Union Scoreboard gives Denmark second place in Europe in research and innovation. Sweden takes first

Denmark is rated second place in research and innovation in a comparison of 27 EU countries by the the Innovation Union Scoreboard for 2011, writes According to EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Máire Geoghegan-Quinn these sectors are crucial for surviving the financial crisis.

»A country without a serious innovation strategy will not emerge from the financial crisis.« Tells Geoghegan-Quinn to 7:59.

Sweden takes the first place for the second year in a row. Germany and Finland are also among the EU’s leaders in innovation, with Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Latvia at the bottom of the list, according to

Too few non European Phd students

Using 24 different indicators, such as the size of public and private research budgets and higher-education levels, the Scoreboard gave Denmark a high ranking because Danish researchers have published numerous articles in international scientific journals, and also have a high number of patent applications.

However, if Denmark is to beat Sweden in next year’s scoreboard, more non-European PhD students are needed at Danish Universities, according to DR online news. Denmark is under the European average on this point.

The Scoreboard’s figures seem to confirm that countries actively investing in innovation have been more resilient against the economic crisis.

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