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Denmark's schools shut down

DANISH NEWS - Half a million Danish children have to either stay at home, or go to work with their parents, as labour dispute kicks in

As of Tuesday 2 April, 60,000 public school teachers are not going into work, leaving 500,000 children without teaching, reports and other media.

Teachers were given official notice by their employer, The National Association of Local Authorities (KL), after a dispute over the working agreement with the National Teachers Union. The length of this lockout is unknown, but labour market expert, Professor Henning Jensen of Aalborg University, predicts that the government will intervene in the conflict within the next 14 days.

In the meantime, a majority of university faculty and staff will have to coordinate child care by either working from home, bringing children to work, or taking specific ‘childcare days’. It is not possible for staff to take days off with pay due to the lockout.

UCPH childcare rules

Guidelines for staff members in regards to childcare days and salary can be found here on (needs log-in, staff access).

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