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Department council elections postponed

From Rector has decided to postpone the department council elections due to IT problems. The elections will not be held from 11 to 15 March as scheduled

The following update from

At the moment, it is not possible to ensure the confidentiality and correct procedure which the voting process requires. There have been cases in “Self service” at KUnet where one person has obtained access to another person’s data. This means that there is a risk for exchange of ballots between voters and proxy voting whereby one person can vote for another person. This of course is in violation with the electoral rules.

The election administration is exploring different technical solutions to conduct elections to take place as quickly as possible. Information about the conduct of the elections will be conveyed as soon as possible.

“University IT is doing its utmost to solve the problems concerning “Self service” but cannot guarantee that the problem will be solved within a time scope that will enable department councils to be established by 1 April as planned. The Election Office is therefore working to find alternatives to electronic voting”, explains Head of the Election Office, Preben Liljendahl.

Not all departments affected

The postponement of the elections only affects those twelve departments where “contested elections” are to take place. There are “uncontested elections” in most departments, often because there are no more candidates than seats in the council. In theses departments, councils will be established on 1 April 2013 as scheduled.

Students will not vote at Department council elections since all their elections are “uncontested”.

More information to come as we receive it.

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