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DHL results: Food economists blast to victory

Outsprinted ChemBiol 3 team to win by 14 seconds

Food economists from the Institute of Food and Resource Economics, FOI 1, were the fastest university team, outsprinting ChemBiol 3 by only 14 seconds.

The food economists thereby vindicate last year’s win, which has since been rocked with controversy and allegations after the team was disclosed to have got an eight-minute head start.

Runners up to the winning FOI 1 in second and third place were, if anything, even more remarkable.

Girl power

Second place finisher ChemBiol 3 competed in the four-man, one-woman category.

In third, and also with one woman on the team, were KU Systembiologisk Forskning 1, last year’s XLab, which came in only seven seconds after.

As flagged already Monday night on, pre-race favourites from the Niels Bohr Institute, The Tachyons, were off form, finishing only fifth behind the university’s Team Ultrafast, after being forced to take on last minute team member replacements.

The DHL relay is the largest fun-run in the world with 125,000 participants over five days. The University of Copenhagen had this year nearly 2,000 participants.

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