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DHL: Team from Pharma wins Uni battle

Team ‘Chembiol1’ looks to take University of Copenhagen title. No official results yet (updated)

A team from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, ChemBiol1, was the fastest University of Copenhagen team at the DHL event Monday.

This is according to the University Post’s own reckoning, which is preliminary and is based on the favourite teams’ text message updates to our newsroom. Times from organiser Sparta have not yet had start times deducted, skewing the official results.

ChemBiol1 consists of Theis Wilbek, Jonas Eildal, Klaus B. Nissen and Niels Grøn Nørager, a track star who has a personal best for five kilometres of 15:06. The team opted to have Niels Grøn Nørager run twice.

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One minute ahead

The ChemBiol1 team was second last year in 1.39.14.

Speaking before the race, Kristian Strømgaard, a Professor of Chemical Biology and former 400 metre track star himself, said to the University Post that the team had »significantly improved and anything above 1.35 is a disappointment!«

Chembiol1 blasted through the rain, mud, and packed queues of other runners this year in an unofficial time of 1:37:35.

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Find yourself on pics

Pre-race favourites Systems Biology, a four man/one woman team, was one minute behind in 1:38:30. Last year’s winner from the Institute of Food Economics was not as sharp as last year, and came in at approximately 1:48.

More race updates will be forthcoming.

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