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Dimensioning plans could still be stopped

DANISH NEWS - A majority of the government is against the Education Minister's resizing model, and have come forward with a new plan

The plan with exact numbers by Danish Minister of Higher Education Sofie Carsten Nielsen should have been finalized on Monday, but at the last minute a majority in parliament has gotten together to propose a different strategy.

A majority of opposition party seats, including Liberals, Social People’s Party and the Conservatives oppose the current resizing plan (see Minister to cut 4,000 study places from Danish universities) and propose a new model that would mean fewer closures of study spaces and more freedom for universities to decide which subjects will be affected. They will meet with Education Minister Sofie Carsten Nielsen this week.

“We have for the last three months tried to cry out against Sofie Carsten Nielsen. We are very sorry that we have not succeeded. Therefore, we are now taking this step,” said Liberal spokesperson for higher education, Esben Lunde Larsen, ”we believe it is necessary to involve the students, universities and customers in the design of the plan, and this has not happened in a proper way.”

Rector approves

The majority outside the government believe that the current resizing model is too rigid. Their new plan takes better account of the fact that some programs probably have high unemployment nationally, but do better in the labour market in a single region.

The Minister is not legally obliged to follow the decision of the majority, but it will put maximum pressure on her politically.

Rectors from universities across Denmark support this new plan, including University of Copenhagen’s own Ralf Hemmingson.

Article (in Danish) on here.

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