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Director: We are forced to offer cleaning to outsiders

University director rejects criticism from disgruntled cleaning staff: The University of Copenhagen is following the rules for public administration in offering the cleaning task up for tender

According to rules for public institutions ‘ contracts, they must be put out for open tender at least every five years. This is according to the Director of the University of Copenhagen Jørgen Honoré.

His response is to disgruntled cleaners, who fear for their jobs in the next round of tender, possibly leading to outsourcing to a private company, scheduled for next summer.

»The University of Copenhagen has, as a part of the public sector, a direct obligation to offer up tasks for private tender on a regular basis. And if an external offer is best and cheapest, we have an obligation to outsource the task,« he says.

Last tender round was at Health Sciences

He adds that when trying to work out when the time is right for a new tender round, they take into account whether and when this part of the University is moving into new buildings.

The last cleaning contract out for private tender was in 2011 at the Faculty of Health Sciences, where the cleaning company AlliancePlus won the contract.

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