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Director: We need more financial stability

Long-term funding for research and education. The only election wish from University of Copenhagen's director Jørgen Honoré

Tired of being teased with funding that is not yet approved, and may never be, the University of Copenhagen now pins its hopes on a new parliament.

This is according to University director Jørgen Honoré, as he comments on the up-coming election 15 September. The University needs more stability in funding, and more financial security, he argues.

»Universities are promoters of growth in society. But to get good research results takes five to ten years. It is therefore only reasonable to know how large an income the university can expect,« he says.

Globalisation funds needed

According to the University’s own administration, the University of Copenhagen has DKK 175 million less government funding than last year. The University is prepared, so that it can make these cuts without the quality of education or research dropping, says Jørgen Honoré. But this will only remain true, if the subsidies for the university return to normal in 2013 and 2014.

The University Director appeals to politicians to pay out the DKK 686 million in the so-called ‘globalisation fund’ for research in 2012 as soon as possible. The funds are to be distributed between the eight Danish Universities, but the politicians are dragging their feet on any decision on who gets what.

Worst case scenario is that the funds will not be distributed before spring, months into the next budget year. The decision risks being delayed by the ongoing general election and subsequent efforts to put together the new parliament.

The University hopes that the ‘globalisation fund’ is distributed early next year, says Jørgen Honoré:

»We are ready to work with the politicians as soon as the election-results are in.«.

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