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Do you have academic x-factor?

It is time for Science Slam. Enthusiasts can go on stage and try their best to convey their knowledge in an entertaining way. Sign up for this year's event

At the Copenhagen Science Slam, you will experience everything from Nano-physics to Eskimology.

The brave participants prepare a presentation of up to eight minutes, go on stage and let the audience do the judging. At the end of the night, all points are added up and the winner will be nominated.

As the audience, your job is awfully easy, you just show up, along with about 150 other science fanatic people, buy a beer, and sit back and enjoy.

Thinking of participating with your own presentation?

Anyone can sign up to participate, although there may be a selection process if too many are signed up.

Science Slam is this year organized by the voluntary association Danish Youth Association of Science (in Danish UNF).

UNF also arranges more than 50 scientific events every year, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All students at DTU and the University of Copenhagen, along with almost all high schools in the capital region, can enter all these events for free.

See how to sign up and more info in the fact box right.

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