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Dorms Disclosed: Hvidovre Hospitals Kollegium

Although it's not in the heart of the city, you'll still have a great time here, writes our student reviewer

”But Hvidovre is so far away from the city center!” you might say, but it is actually not that bad.

Hvidovre Hospitals Kollegium, a forty-year-old dorm, lies in scenic surroundings right next to Hvidovre Hospital. The bus stops right by the dormitory and the trip to Copenhagen’s central station takes about 15-20 minutes.

Furthermore, there are plenty of bicycle sheds available at the parking lot, so if you prefer to use your trusty bike to go places, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Plenty of space for bikes (Photo: Emma Flokstra Nielsson)

Common dinners and soccer matches

The dormitory houses almost 300 residents allocated in 16 hallways. Each hallway has a kitchen, where the residents can meet and chill, watch television, or cook food together.

From the kitchen you can access a large inner garden (six in total), each with trees, benches, and a grill. Here the residents sunbathe in the summer and enjoy the outdoors.

One of the inner courtyards (Photo: Emma Flokstra Nielsson)

Next to the parking lot there is a basketball court and a frequently used soccer field where the residents play against each other and test their soccer skills. Other than that there are common laundry rooms and a fitness room in the basement.

The fitness room (Photo: Emma Flokstra Nielsson)

Spaces for socializing

There are several possibilities to be social and meet people from other hallways in the common facilities such as the Café. Here the students can buy beer, sodas, and coffee, among other things, play pool or beer pong, or relax with some board games.

On weekends when the Café closes at 12 PM, the Bar opens. In the bar you can get every kind of assorted drinks you can think of and then go to show your moves on the dance floor. Both the Café and the Bar are driven by the residents and depends on everybody’s effort to be part of the community.

How many dorms have a built-in bar? (Photo: Emma Flokstra Nielsson)

There are also several grand parties every year hosted by the committees of the Resident Council (Beboerrådet) and the Party Committee (Festudvalget). Among these are the Octoberfest, Halloween, and the great summer party where all of the residents meet in one of the gardens, have a barbecue, and celebrate that the summer has arrived. Other than that there is the occasional Tour de Chambre and Tour de Cousine party.

If you choose to get a place here, you are in for a great time!

Want to see more? Check out the full gallery by our photographer Emma Flokstra Nielsson below.

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