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Student housing reviews: Dorms and residences in Copenhagen

A continually updated guide to student kollegiums in Copenhagen, written by students. The complete Dorms Disclosed review series.

[This guide has been continually updated since it was first published in 2014. The latest update was September 2021]

There are loads of dormitories, kollegiums, and student residences in Copenhagen, yet most of the information available is in Danish.

Some are small, old houses with pretty gardens, others are giant concrete buildings with tiny windows.

This guide is an overview with links to all of the dormitory and student accommodation reviews we have published so far, written by the people who know them the best: the people who live there.

We have organised the dorms into geographical city areas, starting with Vesterbro.

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Otto Mønsteds Kollegiet

300 residents live together in this massive building known as Otto Mønsteds Kollegiet on the border to Valby. The rooms all come with private bathrooms while kitchens are shared. They are 11 m2 and cost DKK 2500. The dormitory is characterized by a strong, social atmosphere which includes lots of parties and activities.

Click and read the full review below: Dorms Disclosed: Otto Mønsteds Kollegiet



Price and value agree well on this dormitory. Rooms are between 12 and 27 m2 and the price is DKK 2150. On top of this, you get access to a variety of common facilities and a lot of old traditions and strong social bonds.

Click and read the full review here: Dorms Disclosed: Studentergården

Collegium Juris

This dorm located in Nørrebro has 47 rooms, 14 of which are suitable for 2 people. The cost is between DKK 3,226-7,083 a month excluding laundry use. The rooms are between 14.6-56 m2 and have private bathrooms. The kitchen is shared. The dorm has a very modern interior and has purposely kept an antique exterior, which creates a facinating contrast. The vibe is very international as 40 % of the students are from abroad. It is also a very social environment and is known for its common Sunday dinners and themed Friday bar nights. The dorm is almost exclusively for law students, but there is a minimum requirement of having at least 10 non-law students.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Collegium Juris


Egmont Kollegiet

500 residents is a lot and perhaps that’s why Egmont has become legendary for its parties and social atmosphere. The rooms are between 11 and 26 m2 and rent spans from DKK 2305-3730. There are tons of social clubs and great common facilities.

Click and read the full review: Dorms Disclosed: Egmont

G.A. Hagemanns Kollegium

The rent may be high at DKK 4325 but it includes all your meals. In this dormitory you can get a 15-20 m2 room in a large mansion in Østerbro that you will share with 60 other residents. Common facilities are many: a large dining hall, TV-room and a study hall overlooking Øresund. And also a lot of duties and traditions!

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: G.A. Hagemanns Kollegium

Nordisk Kollegium

In a large brick building centrally on Østerbro, this dormitory also offers a meal deal with its DKK 4128 rent. The rooms vary from 14-18 m2 and each comes with a private bathroom. The 130 residents share a kitchen on each floor and have access to common facilities like billiard room, study hall, a library and a gym.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Nordisk Kollegium

Bonus info: Nordisk Kollegium and G.A. Hagemanns Kollegium er long-term rivals and often compete in sports games and party together.

Østerbro Kollegiet

The dorm has 150 residents, most of which are international students. This gives the dorm a distinctly international flavor. The cost is between DKK 5,600-8,200 and rooms are between 17-26 m2 with big windows. The rooms are private and include a bathroom and a kitchenette. Each floor has a common kitchen and much of the social life centers around them as well as the roof terrace. Although they are not free, the dorm also has laundry facilities. The location as well as the dorm is peaceful and the residents are open and willing to mingle.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Østerbro Kollegiet

Ryesgade Kollegiet

In an old building on Ryesgade 58, a former squat by the Danish BZ or occupy movement, 40 young students share their lives with each other in a residence hall that seems more like a hippie collective.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Ryesgade Kollegiet


4. Maj Kollegiet and Hassagers Kollegium

The ‘4th May dorm’ was founded almost 70 years ago to house the descendants of Danish World War Two resistance members. History is tangible here, although the requirement of being related to the Danish resistance has been relaxed of late.

Like a set of nesting dolls, the 4. Maj Kollegiet (see above) has another dormitory within it, namely the tiny Hassagers Kollegium, which is home to only 10 students.

Read the review of  the twin residence halls 4. Maj Kollegiet and Hasselager Kollegium here: Dorms Disclosed: 4. Maj Kollegiet and Hassagers Kollegium — dorms within a dorm

Inner city


About 100 students share a large, old and very beautiful building just next to Rundetårn. Rooms vary greatly in size, from 11-25 m2, but the price remains a staggering low DKK 1400. Other than a room, you gain access to a great number of common spaces and activities: from a large ballroom to a library and study hall. And you can stay busy by a lot of activities, like yoga, movie nights and beer brewing.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Regensen

Valkendorfs Kollegium

One of the most interesting dorms in the inner city is Valkendorfs Kollegium, which used to be an old monastery for Carmelite monks. The dorm has garden days, mushroom-picking trips, and a strong sense of community spirit. They even try to keep the rent they pay a secret, as they do not want to compete on price (but it is very reasonable!).

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Valkendorfs Kollegium has a garden in the city, and chickens

Borchs Kollegium

The room sizes varies a lot in this dorm, but the price remains the same: DKK 1400, making it one of the cheapest places to live in the city. But the price does not reflect quality, and this dormitory is actually an old house with a beautiful garden in the heart of city center. Only 20 residents live here and they all decide who’s next, when somebody decides to leave.

Click and read the full review Dorms disclosed: Borchs Kollegium

BaseCamp Copenhagen

BaseCamp Copenhagen is one of the slightly more expensive student residence halls in Copenhagen. But the location dorm, in old barracks, is as central in Copenhagen as it can possibly be. On average, the furnished rooms with own toilet, bathroom and kitchenette cost approximately DKK 6,500 a month.

»There is not even a waiting list. If you book the room, it is yours,« says Simon Stilling, who is employed as a ‘base manager’ on the site.

Click and read the full review: BaseCamp Copenhagen — a quick room in the inner city



This dormitory is in the heart of Christianshavn, so basically, you don’t get much better location than that. And for a mere DKK 2600, you get a 25 m2 room, a private kitchenette and a private bathroom. At this dorm, some of the 210 residents have children and some have pets, and all share a gym, TV-room and a courtyard.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Sofiegården


Bispebjerg Kollegiet

20m2 all to yourself and private bathrooms and kitchens makes this dormitory less ‘social’ oriented than most others. Rent is DKK 4863 including all utilities. Located in Bispebjerg, this is a little further out of the city but still close to Nørrebro’s lively streets. Bispebjerg caters for a lot of international students and can offer furnished rooms for the those who are just “passing through” town.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Bispebjerg Kollegiet


The facilities are somewhat modest at this dormitory but rent is dirt cheap. Located in Nordvest, Håndværkerkollegiet offers 10 m2 rooms at 2290 DKK. Bathrooms and kitchens are shared, but the dormitory have a number of common facilities and a good social atmosphere.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Håndværkerkollegiet


Bikuben Kollegiet

Just between KUA and the IT University, is the orange-colored dormitory Bikuben. It is shared by about 110 residents, who in 19 m2 rooms pay DKK 4,000 a month for the student-friendly location and somewhat new facilities.

We returned to Bikuben Kollegiet in 2021 with a reporter’s review of the dorm here. Dorms Disclosed: Bikuben — the quirky beehive. Click and read our first student review here of Bikuben Kollegiet here: Dorms Disclosed: Bikuben Kollegiet.


This is the largest dormitory in all the Nordic countries, and practically make out an entire village. 1500 residents are distributed in the large cement building centrally on Amager. Rooms are between 18,5 m2 – 44 m2 and price vary accordingly from ca. 2000 – 4800 DKK. This is a great place for not only singles but couples and families too.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Øresundskollegiet.

There is a second review of Øresundskollegiet here.


This place may not posses dream location, but the 12 m2 rooms are well-appointed with a hall, balcony and private bathroom and rent is dirt-cheap. All yours for just DKK 2310 a month. The 192 residents share a number of common facilities and especially the “cafe”, Coma is a popular hangout.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Hørhus Kollegiet

Scandis Boligerne

Next to Hørhuskollegiet is Scandis Boligerne, one of the smaller and lesser-known dormitories, and a 10 minutes walk from ITU and KUA / South Campus. A pleasant place to live, according to our reviewer.

Read the full review of Scandis Boligerne: Dorms Disclosed. Scandis Boligerne

Frankrigsgade Kollegiet

Also known as “The Frank”, this dormitory has 20 m2 rooms at the generous price of DKK 2709. Bathrooms are private and kitchens are shared. “The Frank” lies centrally on Amager, close to cafés and shopping and offers common facilities that make social life blossom.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Frankrigsgade Kollegiet

Tietgens Kollegiet

Luckily this architectonic pearl is large. Because it’s an absolutely stunning – and award winning – building, which is reflected in the rent. Pay between DKK 3019-5230 for between 26-34 m2 and you can access a bar, gym, two crafts rooms, two music rooms (one for bands, another with a grand piano), bicycle parking, laundry facilities and a computer café.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Tietgenkollegiet

A second student review of Tietgenkollegiet is here.

CPH Studio Hotel

CPH Studio Hotel is located on Krimsvej in close proximity to Øresund Metro station and Amager beach. The coast is DKK 4,000 a month and the residents are friendly and helpful. The rooms are private and between 10-16m2. They contain a small bathroom and kitchenette, but there is also a common kitchen. The dorm houses about 300 residents. The building itself has been under contraction and this brings its own set of challenges, including noise, and critical media attention from us at the University Post and other media. Overall the dorm is at time of writing a work in progress, but it has potential.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: CPH Studio Hotel on Krimsvej

Signalhuset Kollegiet

This dorm is located in Ørestad. The rooms are four bedroom apartments split between four students. The cost is DKK 3,700-4,200 per month. The rooms are between 20-25m2. Bathrooms are shared between 2-4 people and the kitchen is also shared. The Dorm houses 288 residents.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Signalhuset Kollegiet

Socialt Kollegium

The building of Socialt Kollegium is tall, dull and with no charm whatsoever. But once you get past the unwelcoming exterior, the friendly people living there it sure makes you want to stay. Socialt Kollegium is, like so many other dorms, located in the Amager district, strictly speaking in the area called Sundbyvester and houses 112 residents.

You can read the full review by a resident here: Dorms Disclosed: Socialt Kollegium

Outside central Copenhagen


Far outside Copenhagen, this dormitory is located close to the town of Hillerød. This is one of the most unique dormitories in Denmark, in the middle of a forest and close to a lake. The houses are built of logs and the residents have each 10m2 for DKK 1960 with shared kitchens and bathrooms. They also have access to a large fire place, and countless sports and outdoor activities.

Click and read the full review Dorms Disclosed: Skovskolen

Hvidovre Hospitals Kollegium

Almost 300 residents live in this dorm which is known for its array of social activities, including having a built in cafe which turns into a bar at night. It also has big annual parties including Oktoberfest, Halloween and the Summer Barbecue. Rooms cost DKK 2,326 and a small monthly hallway tax which is DKK 50-100. The rooms are 12 m2 and have private bathrooms. Each hallway has a common kitchen which is also used as a place to hang out and watch TV. There is a common laundry room and a gym in the basement.

Click and read the full review below: Dorms Disclosed: Hvidovre Hospitals Kollegium

Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet

You might mistake Rebæk Søpark for a scene out of George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four, but is a good all-round place to be. As a kollegium, it covers all the bases: cheap rent, active student bar, friendly atmosphere and a convenient location.

Click and read the full review below: Dorms Disclosed: Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet

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