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Review: Oresundskollegiet (second review)

Things have changed quite a bit since we looked at Oresundskollegiet back in 2014. The University Post dropped by to see what life is like now at the dorm. Here is our updated review for 2017.

Just the Basics

Oresundskollegiet is located at Amagerbro. The town centre is less than a 10 minute bike ride away. Reaching the beach, KUA, ITU or Islands Brygge takes less than 5 minutes. The dorm is surrounded by everything you could possibly need in your everyday life: supermarkets, shops and a lokale mall called the Amager Center.

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An inaccurate first impression

The exterior of the dorm consists of twelve almost identical looking big concrete blocks with deep red windows. The dorm was built in the 70’s and looks massive with its grey concrete walls. At first glance it does not seem like a tempting place to live.

Beauty is on the inside

However, when you enter the dorm you you realize that it has a warm and friendly atmosphere. This is not just because of the festive decor and Christmas trees, but because of a unique feeling of community that you experience. There is an endless array of activities and a corresponding number of different facilities on offer. There is a ceramic studio for doing pottery, a gym, a music room with a recording studio, a dark room, and many more.

A new addition is the IT room. An extra benefit that is available to the dorm residents is the option of getting professional assistance if they experience any IT-related problems. The new study room has unique lighting system that matches the natural cycle of sunlight throughout the day. The lamps in the room get progressively brighter as the sun rises. Likewise as the sun starts to set the lamps get progressively dimmer.

Another new feature is the event room which will be ready in spring next year, with a stage for live performances. The new event room can also be converted into a movie room and contains bean bags and a huge screen.

The dorm’s IT-system was renewed, including the lock system, Internet and some info screens. There are also some changes to the outdoor facilities, as the dorm has a new green area with a table tennis table, a grill and a hammock.

Want a room? Yes, please!

Considering all the great things that the dorm has to offer, It is hardly a surprise that there is a long waiting list and people usually have to wait around two years before they can move in. The dorm is home to approximately 1,800 people and only students are allowed to apply.

Different rooms, for different needs

Oresundskollegiet offers several types of rooms. The least expensive type of room available does not contain a private kitchen and costs around DKK 2,000 per month.

Maria Bjorn has one of those rooms and has lived in the dorm for 1 ½ years. She enjoys the sense of community that is present at the dorm and the many opportunities to socialize: “It is the perfect combination of having my own space and being part of a community. If I want to be around people I just have to go into our kitchen.”
She shares the kitchen with 13 other students and has her own room with a bathroom. But there are also family friendly flats that include a kitchen and more rooms. The dorm has around 150 children living there.

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Let´s get social

Getting in touch with other students living in Oresundskollegiet is easy, and not just for those sharing a kitchen. The many different activities on offer make it easy to connect with others. Michael Jepsen just moved in last year in April, but has already joined the bar team. He likes the effort the dorm makes to keep daily life run smoothly and also that they providing new and interesting facilities for students to enjoy.

The bar “Down Wonder” is open from Thursday till Saturday and is yet another way for people to get to know each other. The Oresundskollegiet seems to be the perfect spot for people who are new to Copenhagen, including students who are leaving their hometowns for the first time and even students with small families.

Getting in touch

More information about the dorm can be found on their webpage. There are more details about the different rooms on offer and about the the prices.

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