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Review: Socialt Kollegium

Lots of parties and unique common facilities make this dormitory live up to its name: The social dormitory

The story about Socialt Kollegium begins in 1968, and looking from the outside it is very characteristic of its time. The building is tall, dull and without any charm. But in spite of its unwelcoming outside, once you meet all the friendly people living there it sure makes you want to stay.

Socialt Kollegium is located at Amager in the area called Sundbyvester and houses 112 residents. It is a traditional Danish student housing with seven floors, which all have a shared kitchen and a common TV-room. Each floor has 16 rooms, all in the same size of 14 m2.

The rooms are light and each one has its own bathroom and a double wardrobe, which saves a lot of space from the rest of the room. Using the kitchen and the TV-room makes it easy to socialize with your 15 floormates, and it is a great way to meet new people and to expand your network.

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The different floors all have their own atmosphere, and their own traditions, for instance one of the floors has tequila month in March every year. That makes it a different experience to visit the various floors and makes the dorm more dynamic as a whole. Also the great mix of Danish and international students studying everything from medicine to economics make the dorm a good way to expand your knowledge of different people and different cultures.

The facilities at the dorm are great. There is a fitness room and a music room that can be used for training your biceps and for writing your next big hit. There is also a sauna, which mainly is used during the winter after rolling through the snow outside. Of more practical facilities can be mentioned the laundry room, which has brand new washing machines and best of all it is free to use.

Also to be mentioned is the different options for bike parking (either in the basement or behind locked gates), and the fast Internet, which is already included in the rent, so you do not have to pay extra for it.

Be social!

In Socialt Kollegium there are a lot of possibilities to socialize. As mentioned using the kitchen and TV-room on your floor is a good way to meet people, but there is also a big common room that can be used for various activities, for instance meetings, studying, hanging out or parties.

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There are a lot of different activities to do, for instance table tennis, fussball and different board games. Besides the common room there are also a pool room and a nice and cozy cinema, where you are able to go and watch a movie with your fellow residents.

Finally there is the yard. There is both a front and a backyard and during the summer the garden is the best place to be. There is lot of space, nice old trees, plenty of grass and best of; all lot of sun. There is a nice terrace and a nice barbecuing and fireplace, where the residents will spend many long summer nights hanging out, drinking beer and singing songs like old hippies.

Dorm of party people

Besides the physical settings being great for socializing, there is also an event-committee planning all sorts of events, like potlucks, movie nights, game nights and garden days.

These events make a great opportunity to meet people from all floors and to make new friends. In addition, there is also a Thursday bar hosted by a new floor every month, and every second month there is a big party, such as the annual Summer Party, an American themed party, Oktoberfest, the dorms birthday celebration and of course Tour de Cuisine, which is one of the biggest parties of the year.

The parties are normally quite wild, since the dorm is full of party people, and it is not unlikely to wake up wondering who you are, where you are and what happened last night. Beside the events for the whole dorm each floor will have their own parties, such as party after the main cleaning, Christmas parties, and Tour de Chambre.


The area around the dorm is nice and quiet, and there are a lot of different possibilities in the neighborhood, whether you like to go for a swim, go shopping in a mall or simply just want to go for a nice walk.

The dorm is located roughly about 4.5 km from city square hall, which means it takes about 20 minutes to get there by bike, but you can also use bus 33 that runs just outside the door at 4-6 times per hour.

The dorm is only a ten-minute walk from Sundby metro station and from Amagerbrogade (with lot of shopping options), which makes it easy to get home during the late hours. Also it’s located only a 15-minute walk from Fields, in case Amagerbrogade does not fulfill your shopping needs.

Leisure and sports

Some of the other things located close to the dorm are Amager Strandpark and Amagerfælled, which both are lovely nature reserves, especially during spring, summer and autumn.

It is also close to Islands Brygge, the Faculty of Arts (KUA) and the IT University of Copenhagen.

Last but not least it is also located only two minutes away from a swimming bath and to different football clubs, and only a ten-minute bike ride from a sports centre, which gives you a great opportunity to do a lot of exercise.

Party like there is no tomorrow

Living at Socialt Kollegium is a great life experience. You learn how to handle conflicts, how to tolerate different cultures, how to get on with people.

Besides getting these competences you also improve your socializing skills and learn how to party like there was no tomorrow.

If you would like to get a taste of the sweet dorm life then stop by at one of our many parties that can be checked out at our website or our Facebook page.

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