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Down, but not out, at the Social Sciences library

He doesn't have a job right now, but he thanks one special University of Copenhagen Library for their commitment to him, and to the homeless

For Dawit, who is unemployed, the tale of a homeless guy hanging out at the library has been an inspiration.

Now, he forwards a Christmas Card to the University Post, knowing that it will find its right recipients.

“I read your touching article about the homeless Romanian guy who made the Social science faculty library his sanctuary,” Dawit writes to the University Post.

Gainfully engaged

“I am not a homeless but only jobless guy with a voracious appetite for books who spends the whole day reading in the library. I had to give the librarians this early christmas card for their relentless committment to host us. ”

“Many thanks for timely and tirelessly delivering all the books I checked out, thereby enabling me to say I am not ‘arbejdsløs’ [unemployed,ed.]- I am gainfully engaged in reading,” he writes before adding:

“Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!”

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